The House

The House

The history of the building

The house is a neo-classicical planted by Richard Steidle in 1926, who studied at the Technical University of Munich and graduated with the academic degree of a qualified engineer (Dipl.-Ing.) And was a member of the Association of German Architects. The house was first used for a large family and was converted into a hotel in the early 1970s.

The characters of the building

The house is one of the architectural monuments in the district 19 Thalkirchen-Obersendling-Forstenried-Fürstenried-Solln of Munich with the number D-1-62-000-5430 listed.

Art Nouveau is an epoch in art history that can be found mainly at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries and can therefore be dated roughly between 1896 and 1920. Art Nouveau is an art movement that focused on Europe. In architecture, it was mainly curved lines, ornamental patterns and the idea that the function of a building should be reflected in its design, although it was not necessary that the symmetry – i.e. the mirror-image design – determined a building. In addition, the facade should show what a building looked like from inside (text from: https: //